I'm very proud of this specially commissioned mirror. It attracts a lot of attention and many admiring comments. The photographer is my son :-)

Blue Nile Lotus Mirror. A special commission for a lady whose passion is Egyptian art.

The Lotus Mirror under construction. I email pictures to my clients to keep them informed as to the progress of their commission.

Leaping Fish. Glass and cermic tile. The inspiration for this mirror was an Iznik painted pottery plate design. The design had to be substantially modified to make the transition from paint to mosaic tile, but I think it has succeeded :-)

Field of Flowers. Glass, ceramic and millefiori.

Gold Cross. The gold tiles are handpainted and fired.

Roman Flower. Porcelain and matt ceramic tile. The design was inspired by one tiny detail on a Roman mosaic floor.

This is one of my favourite mirrors. The design is simple but stunning. It hangs in the house of a friend, in a room where the decor is mainly white with red and black accents.

Just for fun. I loved adding the pure gold tiles in the cross!

This beautiful, rose mirror was bought by a colleague of mine for her daughter's bedroom. The design is inspired by William Rennie Mackintosh's rose motif.

When you look into this mirror, you are Medusa! The design was inspired by the Medusa mosaic at Bignor, UK.


I make mosaics – mainly decorative mirrors. Designs are chosen and agreed with the client and reflect their interests and decorative preferences.


Mosaics are some of the oldest forms of decorative art.